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please contribute by running & submiting elements for the uunniivveerrssee / por favor contribuam com submissões para a base de dados thanks!


by using the software, you are agreeing to the uunnii-license. if you do not agree, dont download & use
ao usar este software, estão a acordar com os termos da licença-uunnii. se não concordarem, não descarreguem e não usem



uunnii-license (please read) timestamp: 20110625 5:47 uunnii-time: 1940.8895

timestamp: 20110611 2:37 uunnii-time: 1119.8285


uunnii-license table of contents:

0. running and using demo applications is free, as long as i install and get some remuneration for my work. whenever there is time, and space, the apex installs and time flows. i’ll reload demos for free whenever there is an event using it.

1. most apps are simple time constrained, currently until 31 july 2011. ‘autómato universal’ is not.

2. parallel uunniivveerrssee’s can run simultaneously in multiple locations (uubbiiqquuiittyy). simple requirements: a physical space, some laptops/motherboards+cpu’s, some cameras, an apex.

3. some nice source code is present, some binary releases from the pieces in most common platforms are present. please download and run, and enjoy the source, most lovely thing there is.

4. i request that you do not broadcast publicly these applications without prior written consent. publicly is any space with more than a hand full of people (6-10).

5. apps generate free screenshots and free stl data, but you must not print the data generated from this apps without paying for a small license donation. i can build some models for you, and send them to your destination of your choice, but the 3d print series i make is currently limited to 100 prints. prices range from 255 to 280 euros + shipment. prints are signed and customized packaging. if you opt to suspend the prints, you should notify me because i need to include nylon wire while the print takes place.

6. space is only mind noise. time is all we got. or do we war this planet / spaceship earth (*) to starvation?



simply email astronaut@s373.net for any question regarding these topics
astronaut: a person who travels in space -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astronaut_(disambiguation)




some license text around the above points

while the use of these applications are free for personal use in your home or office computer, the rights of this code remain with andré sier (2007-2077). these applications cannot be broadcasted in public spaces (any space where 6+ people gather, ex, theatrs, galleries, museums, libraries, class rooms, football stadiums, farms, and times square; and, of course, any tele-communication network which reachs an audience 6+ people (tv, radio, www, email, facebook and other paranormal phenomena )) – without prior written permission from the author.  all code present in these pages, unless otherwise stated, is licensed under gnu lgpl.