welcome to uunniivveerrssee.net / bem vindo a uunniivveerrssee.net

please contribute by running & submiting elements for the uunniivveerrssee / por favor contribuam com submissões para a base de dados thanks, viellen danke, arigato


by using the software, you are agreeing to the uunnii-license. if you do not agree, dont download & use
ao usar este software, estão a acordar com os termos da licença-uunnii. se não concordarem, não descarreguem e não usem


currently: aplications for desktops and notebooks, laptops and hackintoshes, custom built machines too

soon/planned: droid, iphones and other lovely arms’ cpu’s


data fiddling

the DATA generated from the applications are just noise. beautiful mathematical noise. made from cellular automata algorithms which yield a fascinating story. since math is an universal language, and math is doing the DATA, for the tinkerreers, the data has no rights, you may mass produce noise if you wish, but you cannot print the .stl files as physical objects, you must purchase permission to print the files.

settings for the data have changed, rights to every print generated by this application (which is no longer available for download) are owned, copyrighted and distributed exclusively by André Sier ( creative director at s373.net/x art codex studios ).

the price of the rights, per print/stl file, : (π euros = 3.14159 eur)
if you downloaded and fiddled around with the data generated by this application, it will be possible for you to pay for the rights to 3d print the file in any material of your choice. the price you must pay in order to print the file generated by “autómato universal” is exactly 0.025 € / mm ^ 3 (EUR 0.025 / cubic millimeter) (example: 5€ per 20 x 0.1 x 0.1 cm, or 5€ per 200 x 1 x 1 mm)

100 (one hundred) 3d prints from “autómato universal” made by andré sier will be available for ordering for ordering at s373.net/x online shop in the website http://antichitadigitale.info at a fixed price of EUR 155 (+ taxes where applicable). please check the website http://antichitadigitale.org for additional information. 3d printing series is reset and restarted for 2013+ until 100 prints are sold.

personal prints made by andré sier are available from (2x, after july 2011, 3x after august 2011) for the promotional price of 255-280 eur + shipping expenses to a destination of your choice (price variation to be discussed depending on the model and dimensions you wish to print. some models are impossible to print (yet)). if you opt to suspend the prints, you should notify me because i need to include nylon wire while the print takes place. will be available for ordering for ordering at s373.net/x online shop in the website http://antichitadigitale.info a fixed price of EUR 155 + taxes where applicable http://antichitadigitale.info. please check the website for additional information.

take a look at the stl building page here/aqui

please use this donate button. please put in the description of the payment the name of the file you wish to print, or if you wish to order a printed cellular automata .stl file made from ‘autómato universal’.

rights to these values are free to whomever finds the first models i printed and sends a proof stl file.

to actually print the 3d cellular objects using materials of your choice, you can use third party services like shapeways, a bit pricey, but excelent quality and lots of materials. other option you have, like my path, you can order a kit, and assemble yourself. there are lots of really nice machines building machines out there. lets make machines talk.

due to assembly problems with the network, only localhost versions of the projects are displayed
during the exhibition currently running at museu de sao roque, 2jun-31jul2011
this may change in a future exhibition, at another location, please contact astronaut_@_s373.net
if you’d like to have an uunniivveerrssee running at your space.

the simulations only run when the apex is installed (uunnii-server). otherwise they dont run.
if you wish this project to run, you can ask for availability / contact / requires a physical space
book it at astronaut_@_s373.net


please note all prices are currently promotional prices.

until end of july 2011, prices are 1x

in august 2011, prices are 2x

after august 2011, prices stay fixed at 3x the values suggested



/////////////////////// uunniivveerrssee.net public www releases


[special unique editions customized to any email are available for purchase for a small fee of 27 eur / year . these demo releases are time constrained, currently until 31st july 2011 . if you are interested, use the donation button above and request an year long license . please remember that mechanics of some pieces are frozen if the apex is !installed and, most importantly, linked to the network . thank you for your attention. i think i’ll have reloads of fun building these worlds. ]




beginning june 7th 2011, some online versions of the applications that compreend uunniivveerrssee.net are released. throughout the end of the uunniivveerrssee.net installment at Museu de São Roque, july 31st 2011 much more will join this page.

iniciando-se a 7 de junho 2011, libertam-se versões online de algumas das aplicações que compõem uunniivveerrssee.net. até ao fim da exposição instalada currentemente no  Museu de São Roque.




sempre que possível, há binários executáveis para os x e windows. por agora, utilizadores linux têem de construir a partir da fonte. (come on / hello  glut 3.7, what’s up??? why are you not first???)


often, there are executable binaries for osx and windows. for now, linux users will have to build from the src.




all these apps where built using processing (processing.org) and eclipse to build libraries (eclipse.org)

please contact astronaut_@_s373.net if you require assistance
por favor contactar astronaut_@_s373.net se necessitarem de assistência.



if you are on windows, and dont have java installed, download this ‘java’ folder that comes built-in processing 1.5.1
mac osx runs java, i guess, at least on my 10.6.7 hardware it does.
linux users might want to install openjdk, gstreamer and the likes


i’ll set up soon a detailed page with instructions and schematics for all plataformas i can test on.



se estiverem em windows e não tiverem o java instalado, podem descarregar esta pasta de ‘java’ que vem embebida no processing 1.5.1. a pasta ‘java’ coloca-se ao lado da aplicação .exe
qualquer implementação decente de osx corre java e utilizadores linux podem querer instalar o openjdk, gstreamer, GLUT e afins




primeiro lançamento / first release



june 7, 2011

autómato universal

build myriads of cellular automata / constrói míriades de autómatos celulares

download autómato universal / universal automata . mac os x / a > . . > uunnii_automatouniversal_www.app.source / a > .






segundo lançamento / second release
.june 10, 2011, circa uunnii-time:633.7347

a grande parede / the great wall
video: http://vimeo.com/24945990
linux binary (no source, sorry) / requires java, gstreamer, cheese and the likes
application.linux32 / a >





3rd and final long release / terceiro e longo lançamento final
june 16, circa uunnii-time ~1001…
(binary release alone: uunnii-galáxias & Eer)

uunnii-galáxias uunnii-galaxias_osx / a > , uunnii-galaxias-windows3264bitArchive / a >, uunnii-galaxias.linux32.tar / a >, uunnii-time: ~1555 1168.8463

video: http://vimeo.com/25350161



Eer Eer_uunniivveerrssee_net_alpha07a1.app / a > [mac os x app ], Eer_uunniivveerrssee ” > Eer_uunniivveerrssee_net_wind / a > [windows app, 32-bit & 64-bit], [linux – not yet, sorry, next show, for sure], uunnii-time: ~ 3600 ~1970.7177 ~1900.010 (version for mouse & keys)
keys: wasd or cursor keys, space jumps, right mouse button, click and dragging zooms in & out
bluecam fixed in alpha1!! windows users, to use bluecam, must install quicktime and winvdig